Summarize Spoken Text

You will hear a short report. Write a summary for a fellow student who was not present. You should write 50-70 words. You have 10 minutes to finish this task. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points presented in the lecture.

A mother’s loan(一位母亲的贷款)

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I’m 43 years old and have I owe tens of thousands of dollars in student loans (欠了很多学生贷款), oh sure I knew the loans are piling up as I went through school but with one loan coming from here another from there I had no idea the rockslide that was building. 15 years later, I still experience moments of sheer horror regarding my family’s financial situation. My monthly student loan payment is more than triple my car payment (助学贷款是车贷的三倍). Ok, so without my college degree I would not have been able to get my current job, for that I am grateful. But at what cost? My loans have been accruing at a rate of ten percent (每年10%递增) and now they have burgeoned to… well in an English major you do the math I don’t think they’ll ever get paid off. We’re in debt way past our eyeballs and there’s no hope in sight. I’m being kept in class a financial class (金融班学习理财) of graduates who is only hope for attending college in borrowing money from the government. Because of our mounting credit card debt and monthly payment that far exceed our family’s income my kids will also join the class of citizens who can’t rely on your parents for college support. Do I wish to choose another educational realm you bet perhaps trade school I thought that being a plumber might not be such a bad game, but if a BR job aspirations require a four-year degree take my advice and choose a college you can afford both during and after graduation. Take a realistic look at your anticipated income and factor and priorities that don’t carry a price like the spouse and children you might want to have some day. I was overconfident that my student plan would pay off in comparison to the lucrative writing career I’d enjoy after graduation. Now I am paying for that decision in more ways than I’d ever imagined.
我今年43岁,欠我数万美元的学生贷款(噢了很多学生贷款),哦,我知道我上学时这些贷款正在堆积,但是一笔贷款是从这里借来的我不知道正在建造的岩石滑坡。 15年后,我仍然对家人的财务状况感到恐惧。我每月的学生贷款偿还额是我的汽车贷款额的三倍多。好的,因此,如果没有我的大学学历,我将无法找到当前的工作,对此我深表感激。但是要花多少钱呢?我的贷款一直以10%(每年10%的增量)的速度累加,现在已经蓬勃发展。。。我们背负着债务的重担,看不到希望。我正在上金融班(金融班学习理财)的班级,他们只希望上大学从政府那里借钱。由于我们不断增加的信用卡债务和每月付款远远超过我们家庭的收入,我的孩子也将加入无法依靠父母获得大学支持的公民阶层。我是否想选择另一个教育领域,您打赌也许是贸易学校,我认为当水管工可能不是那么糟糕的游戏,但是如果无线电通信专业的抱负需要四年制,请听从我的建议并选择一所大学,您既可以负担得起在毕业期间和之后。现实地看待您的预期收入,因素和优先事项,这些价格不会像您可能希望有一天的配偶和孩子那样承受价格。我对自己的学生计划会比我毕业后享受的利润丰厚的写作生涯感到满意,这是我充满信心的结果。现在,我为这项决定支付的费用超出了我的想象。