Summarize Spoken Text

You will hear a short report. Write a summary for a fellow student who was not present. You should write 50-70 words. You have 10 minutes to finish this task. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points presented in the lecture.

Benefit of laugh (大笑的好处)

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Laughter is one of the greatest therapies in combatting adversity; and whole communities and nations have frequently relied on humor to get them through their bleakest times. On August 13, 1961, the barbed wire was rolled out of Berlin to create the Berlin wall. For nearly 30 years, until it was dismantled, wall jokes proliferated—especially among those living in the east. Laughing was all that was left.

Jokes about those who rule you—and sometimes those who tyrannize you—are a form of folklore that has existed in societies as seemingly different as communist eastern Europe, Czarist Russia, modern Egypt, 12-century Persia, and modern-day Iran. Humor can also be wonderfully subversive. It can protect self-respect and identity.
笑是对抗逆境最伟大的疗法之一。整个社区和国家都经常依靠幽默来使他们度过最艰难的时期。 1961年8月13日,铁丝网从柏林滚出,形成了柏林墙。在将其拆除之前的近30年中,墙上的笑话不断泛滥,尤其是在东部地区。剩下的只有笑了。