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advertising(广告 )

Updated at: 2018-12-04 新题 预测 机经题

Almost all public spaces nowadays have advertisements in sight, and all forms of media, from newspapers to the cinema to the internet, are with (=be packed with = be full of) adverts. This all-pervasive presence reflects the value of advertising to us. Without it, businesses of all types and sizes would struggle to inform potential customers about the products or services they provide, and consumers would be unable to make informed assessments when looking for products to buy and services to use. Without advertising, the promotion of products and practices that contribute to our physical and psychological well-being, medicines to treat minor ailments, insurance schemes (scheme = plan) to protect us, clothes and cosmetics to make us look and feel better would be infinitely more problematic than it is. And without advertisements and the aspirations represented in them, the world would be the afar duller place.