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Microbiology(微⽣物学 )

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In 2001 he received the SIUC Outstanding Scholar Award. In 2003 he received the Garski Award for Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching from the American Society for Microbiology. Mikes research is on bacteria that extreme environments , and for the past 12 years, he has studied the microbiology of permanently ice-covered lakes in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica. In addition to his research papers, he has edited a major treatise on phototrophic bacteria and served for over a decade as chief editor of the journal Archives of Microbiology. He currently serves on the editorial board of Environmental Microbiology. Mikes nonscientific interests include forestry, reading, and caring for his dogs and horses. He lives beside a peaceful and quiet lake with his wife, Nancy, five shelter dogs (Gaino, Snuffy, Pepto, Peanut , and Merry), and four horses (Springer, Feivel, Gwen and Festus).
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