Multiple Choices (Select Single Answer)

Read the text and answer the multiple-choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.


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In your assignment list, to the right of the assignment that you must submit, you will see an icon of a document beneath the submit column. Click this to submit an assignment. You will now be asked to attach your assignment. Before you submit your assignment, you will need to copy the following declaration and paste at the top of your title page: I declare that this assignment is original and has not been submitted for assessment elsewhere, and acknowledge that the assessor of this assignment may, for the purpose of assessing this assignment:  1.reproduce this assignment and provide a copy to another member of faculty; and(or)  2.communicate a copy of this assignment to a plagiarism checking service (which may then retain a copy of this assignment on its database for the purpose of future plagiarism checking).
The process outlined for the submission of papers is mainly intended to address which of the following problems?