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TV advertising (电视广告)

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From a child's point of view, what is the purpose of TV advertising? Is advertising on TV done to give actors the opportunity to take a rest or practice their lines? Or is it done to make people buy things? Furthermore, is the main difference between programs and commercials that commercials are for real, whereas programs are not, or that programs are for kids and commercials for adults? As has been shown several times in the literature (e.g. Butter et al. 1981 Donohue, Henke, and Donohue 1980 Macklin 1983 and 1987 Robertson and Rossiter 1974 Stephens and Stutts 1982), some children are able to distinguish between programs and commercials and are aware of the intent of TV advertising, whereas others are not.
According to the text, how do children usually understand advertising?