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Human's Creativity(人类的创造)

Updated at: 2018-11-24 新题 预测 机经题

Here are three important factors in creativity: people, process and product. The most important one is the process.

First you have to create the right person through education with a creative mind. Second, you have to create the right process to have people engaged in innovation process. Third, you need to find the right problem to work on. Human beings can survive and prosper largely depending on the creativity they have. If you identify and assess the creativity of a finished product, it is taken as a proxy for the creativity of the person who produced such a product. Therefore, a creative product should be surprising, original, beautiful and useful. People should have factors necessary for genius, ability, and right mindset. You should improve to imitate and change insight look from new perspectives, innovatively create something with imagination to expand conceptual spaces.