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People and Animals (人与动物)

Updated at: 2018-11-28 新题 预测 机经题

No animal is capable of asking questions or generating problems that are irrelevant to its immediate circumstances or its evolutionarily-designed needs. When a beaver builds a dam, it doesn't ask itself why it does so, or whether there is a better way of doing it. When a swallow flies south, it doesn't wonder why it is hotter in Africa or what would happen if it flew still further south. Humans do ask themselves these and many other kinds of questions, questions that have no relevance, indeed make little sense, in the context of evolved needs and goals. What marks out humans is our capacity to go beyond our naturally-defined goals such as the need to find food, shelter or a mate and to establish human-created goals.Some contemporary thinkers believe that there are indeed certain questions that humans are incapable of answering because of our evolved nature. Steven Pinker, for instance, argues that ‘our minds evolved by natural selection to solve problems that were life and death matters to our ancestors, not to commune with correctness or to answer any questions we are incapable of asking. We cannot hold ten thousand words in our short-term memory. We cannot see ultra violet light. We cannot mentally rotate an object in the fourth dimension. And perhaps we cannot solve conundrums like freewill and sentience. (考试没有最后一段)
With animals not being able to ask questions or generate problems that are irrelevant to their immediate circumstances or evolutionarily-designed needs, human beings are capable of going beyond our naturally-defined goals and establishing human-generated objectives, and these goals, more often than not, seem to be irrelevant and unreasonable. (48 words)