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You will have 20 minutes to plan, write and revise an essay about the topic below. Your response will be judged on how well you develop a position, organize your ideas, present supporting details, and control the elements of standard written English. You should write 200-300 words.

Essay 0003

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Some believe that teachers can be replaced by the Internet, do you agree or disagree? (老师是否可以被网络代替)
正方:build self-confidence and motivation
 Try doing adventurous sports —> break out of their comfort zone and provide them with new experience —> reduce sense of stress and anxiety —> enjoy increased levels of emotional wellbeing

反方: there is a very high possibility of injuries or emergent conditions even with safety precautions
 Easily cause injury without appropriate safety precautions —> physical wellbeing is under greater threats —> it is not worthwhile to put life in unnecessary danger just for recreational purposes